Gaziemer underground city

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Come see through our lens, the mysterious underground City of Gaziemer!

Gaziemir underground city and underground caravanserai were discovered about 6 years ago and brought to tourism. There are dozens of underground cities and dozens of caravansaries in Cappadocia. But what makes Gaziemi different from others is that it has both the underground city and the caravanserai at the same time, and more importantly, Cappadocia and possibly the world’s only underground Caravanserai. Gaziemir, which has a history dating back to the Hittites, was used extensively in the underground city and underground caravanserai. The passage made with the hitit style stone overlay technique at the entrance of the underground city is considered the second of its kind after Boğazkale. The underground caravanserai, which was also used during the Seljuk period, has been home to camel caravans for thousands of years and has survived to the present day. The underground city and the caravanserai have a large agora and access from the agora to the underground spaces is provided. Especially the place where the camels are located resembles the Basilica Palace with its magnificent columns. There is a large wine factory in the underground caravanserai with two churches. In front of the wine factory, there is an underground cube made underground and capable of receiving hundreds of liters of wine. In addition to the areas where the passengers can accommodate, the hiding places provided with underground passages add a different mystery to the underground city. Gaziemir underground caravanserai is located 1 km from the main road between Ihlara valley and Derinkuyu. The distance to Güzelyurt, one of the most beautiful places in Cappadocia, is only 14 km.